Marco Island Strong

Post-Hurricane Irma Update

Published Tuesday, September 19, 2017

To all our members and friends,


Caxambas Republican Club wish all of you well and a speedy recovery from the wrath of Hurrican Irma.  As you all know, Marco Island took a direct hit from Irma and she left us with damages to deal with.  Some of us still suffer from loss of power.  Even with these challenges, recovery process is slowly gaining speed all around the island. We would like to share with you snapshots of post Hurricane Irma. It is neighbor helping neighbor as Marco Island is starting to get back on its feet again.

  • Residents are urged to use caution when hiring contractors
  • Boil water is still in effect for Marco Island, as a precaution
  • There is a question of odor on the island – most likely from decaying vegetation, mud and other organic sources
  • UPS, USPS, Library, County Tax Collectors Office, supermarkets, drugstores and other businesses are slowly getting back to normal 

This will be the new normal for a while but WE ARE MARCO ISLAND STRONG – and paradise will be rebuilt!  We hope to see you all at our first October event

scheduled for October 17th with Representative Bob Rommel, our guest speaker.



Dave Rice, President

Caxambas Republican Club


Surge water over Roberts Bay

Concrete benches at South Beach

Residents Beach tiki huts

Softball structure at at Winterberry Park

Palm trees leaning on homes

Marco Eagle Headquarters

Mature trees downed by Hurricane Irma
Structural debris on the curb for pick-up
Vegetation debris all over the island waiting for pick-up
Residents getting back to normal routine.  Trees beginning to dry up and soon leaves will fall off.