Busy June for Caxambas Republican Club

Published Monday, July 9, 2018

Even though the Caxambas Republican Club is not actively having any meetings until October - we have still been active attending candidate forums, meet and greet events and were co-sponsor for a reception for Florida’s First Lady, Mrs. Ann Scott.


Legislators Upbeat on 2018 Session

Published Friday, May 25, 2018

Senator Kathleen Passidomo (District 28), Representatives Bob Rommel (District 106) and Byron Donalds (District 80) were guest speakers at the recent luncheon for the Women’s Republican Club of Naples Federated held at the Tiburon Golf Club.

Representative Bob Rommel worked the hardest on HB 249, which mandates that EMTs and paramedics report overdoses to the Florida Department of Health. He reported that in our country last year, more than 60,000 people died from drug overdoses. “Fortunately, now we are paying attention and hopefully we can get a grip on it,” Rommel said.


Congressman Rooney speaks on extending drilling moratorium in Eastern Gulf

Published Thursday, May 24, 2018
This is Congressman Rooney speaking to the Rules Committee about an amendment to extend the drilling moratorium in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. He will never stop fighting for our District and for Florida. ---------------------- FB Video - Congressman Rooney speaks on extending drilling moratorium in Eastern Gulf Congressman Francis Rooney on more»

For Jennifer Edwards, It’s All About Elections

Published Thursday, May 10, 2018

Jennifer Edwards was a recent guest speaker for the Caxambas Republican Club providing Collier County voter statistics for the upcoming election cycle, starting with the August 2018 primary election.

Jennifer Edwards has been the Supervisor of Elections for Collier County since 2000. Prior to that, she held several key positions during her 13-year tenure with the Collier County manager’s office, including budget analyst, assistant to the county manager and human resources director. Originally from Kentucky, Jennifer has lived in Collier County since 1984. She is married to Ronnie Edwards, and they have two children and three grandchildren.

As Supervisor of Elections, Jennifer administers all elections in Collier County. She assured the crowd that our election results were never in jeopardy. Election results are transmitted via a secure tabulation room that is not connected to the internet. Only six employees within her office have access to that room at all times. They work with county, state and federal officials to ensure the integrity of our elections.


Jennifer Edwards, dynamic speaker at CRC’s April 24th event

Published Thursday, April 26, 2018
Highlights of Caxambas Republican Club's April 24th evening with Jennifer Edwards, Supervisor of Election for Collier County Jennifer Edwards, Supervisor of Elections, Collier County, Father Tim Navin, Priscilla Grannis, Treasurer, Womens Republican Club of Naples collecting petition for Bob Rommel for August primary Helen Shavlik, Litha more»

Caxambas Republican Club’s Guest Speakers

Published Monday, April 2, 2018

The Caxambas Republican presented their March guest speakers at the Center the Arts on recently. Bob Whiteis a candidate for Florida Governor and Chris Crowley, a candidate for State Attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit.

Bob White is a 4th generation Floridian, he wants to do everything he can to make sure that Florida is the “best state in the nation to raise a family and start a business.” He refers to himself as “the outsider against the political establishment.”

Bob is Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, (RLCFL) and goes back and forth to Tallahassee during the legislative session. RLCFL bill their Caucus as the “conscience of the Republican Party” trying to get back to its Jeffersonian roots of limited government and more free market. He believes that “Tallahassee doesn’t work well for the people of Florida, but it works extremely well for the political establishment, politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists and special interest, while the business of the people gets lost in the process.”


Meet RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

Published Friday, December 22, 2017

Ronna McDaniel was an honored guest of the Women’s Republican Club of Naples Federated for a luncheon at the Stonebridge Country Club. She came to address the human trafficking issues facing Southwest Florida. 

Human trafficking reports are on the rise in Florida. Tragically, over 50% of the victims of human trafficking are children. The Southwest Florida Regional Human Trafficking Coalition has raised over $10,000 for this cause.

Ronna Romney McDaniel was picked by Donald Trump as Chair of the Michigan GOP, and she worked hard to deliver the key state for Trump — the first time a Republican presidential candidate has won Michigan in almost 30 years. She has been a loyal Trump supporter since he secured the GOP nomination.


Passidomo Talks About State Budget, Post-Irma

Published Friday, November 24, 2017

Speaking to the Caxambas Republican Club just days prior to Thanksgiving, Senator Kathleen Passidomo provided an update on her legislative experience as a freshman senator.

Regarding the budget, there is a projected deficit, which is compounded by the cost of Hurricane Irma to the State. A lot of that cost will eventually be reimbursed by FEMA. But Collier County is still waiting for reimbursements on costs incurred from Hurricane Wilma.

The State may not get all that cost back and these shortfalls have to be accounted for in the State Budget. The House of Representatives wanted to treat the hurricane costs as an operating expense, while the Senate wanted to advance money from the “rainy day” fund. The State has a $3 billion “rainy day” fund and Irma certainly qualifies as a rainy day. The House and Senate each have a budget, and last year they were $4 billion apart. The Senate tended to fund everything. The House wisely yanked them back and finally agreed on a good balanced budget.